Part I.  General Regulations


    134-1 Definitions

    134-2 Permits to acquire

  134-2.5 Permits for motion picture films or television

          program production

    134-3 Registration, mandatory, exceptions

  134-3.5 Disclosure for firearm permit and registration


    134-4 Transfer, possession of firearms

    134-5 Possession by licensed hunters and minors; target

          shooting; game hunting

    134-6 Repealed

  134-6.5 Relief from federal firearms mental health


    134-7 Ownership, possession, or control prohibited, when;


  134-7.2 Prohibition against seizure of firearms or

          ammunition during emergency or disaster; suspension

          of permit or license

  134-7.3 Seizure of firearms upon disqualification

  134-7.5 Seizure of firearms in domestic abuse situations;

          requirements; return of

    134-8 Ownership, etc., of automatic firearms, silencers,

          etc., prohibited; penalties

  134-8.5 Bump fire stock, multiburst trigger activator, or

          trigger crank; prohibition

    134-9 Licenses to carry

  134-9.1 Carrying or possessing a firearm in certain locations

          and premises prohibited; penalty

  134-9.2 Duty to maintain possession of license while carrying

          a firearm; duty to disclose; penalty

  134-9.3 Leaving unsecured firearm in vehicle unattended;


  134-9.4 Unlawful conduct while carrying a firearm; penalty

  134-9.5 Carrying or possessing a firearm on private property

          of another person without authorization; penalty

  134-9.6 Annual report on licenses to carry

  134-9.7 Failure to conceal a firearm by a concealed carry

          licensee; penalty

   134-10 Alteration of identification marks prohibited

 134-10.2 Manufacturing, purchasing, or obtaining firearm parts

          to assemble a firearm having no serial number; penalty

 134-10.5 Storage of firearm; responsibility with respect to


   134-11 Exemptions

   134-12 Repealed

 134-12.5 Forfeiture of firearms, ammunition, deadly or

          dangerous weapons, and switchblade knives; when

   134-13 Revocation of permits and licenses

   134-14 Report

   134-15 Restriction of materials for manufacture of pistols

          or revolvers

   134-16 Repealed

   134-17 Penalties

   134-18 Qualified immunity for physicians, psychologists,

          psychiatrists, physician assistants, or advanced

          practice registered nurses who provide information on

          permit or license applicants

   134-21 Carrying or use of firearm in the commission of a

          separate felony; penalty

   134-22 Possession of a firearm with intent to facilitate

          the commission of a felony drug offense; penalty

   134-23 Place to keep loaded firearms other than pistols and

          revolvers; penalty

   134-24 Place to keep unloaded firearms other than pistols

          and revolvers; penalty

   134-25 Place to keep pistol or revolver; penalty

   134-26 Carrying or possessing a loaded firearm on a

          public highway; penalty

   134-27 Place to keep ammunition; penalty

   134-28 Explosive devices; prohibitions; penalty

   134-29 Reporting lost, stolen, or destroyed firearms;



        Part II.  Firearms, Dealers' Licenses

   134-31 License to sell and manufacture firearms; fee

   134-32 License to sell and manufacture firearms; conditions

   134-33 Punishment for violations of section 134-32

   134-34 National emergency, when


        Part III.  Dangerous Weapons

   134-51 Deadly weapons; prohibitions; penalty

   134-52 Switchblade knives; prohibitions; penalty

   134-53 Butterfly knives; prohibitions; penalty


        Part IV.  Gun Violence Protective Orders

   134-61 Definitions

   134-62 Court jurisdiction

   134-63 Commencement of action; forms

   134-64 Ex parte gun violence protective order

   134-65 One-year gun violence protective order issued after

          notice and hearing

   134-66 Termination and renewal

   134-67 Relinquishment of firearms and ammunition

   134-68 Return and disposal of firearms or ammunition

   134-69 Reporting of order to Hawaii criminal justice data


   134-70 Penalties

   134-71 Law enforcement to retain other authority

   134-72 Lack of liability for failure to seek order


        Part V.  Electric Guns

   134-81 Definitions

   134-82 Restrictions on use, sale, offer for sale,

          distribution, and transfer of electric guns and


   134-83 License to sell, offer to sell, distribute, or

          otherwise transfer electric guns or cartridges; fee

   134-84 Sale, offer for sale, distribution, or transfer of

          electric guns or cartridges

   134-85 Disposal of electric gun or cartridge

   134-86 Ownership or possession prohibited

   134-87 Exemptions

   134-88 Storage of electric gun; responsibility with respect

          to minors

   134-89 Carrying or use of electric gun in the commission of a

          separate misdemeanor

   134-90 Carrying or use of electric gun in the commission of a

          separate felony


        Part VI.  Firearm Industry Responsibility

  134-101 Definitions

  134-102 Firearm industry members; standards of conduct

  134-103 Violations; who may sue; relief

  134-104 Interpretation of part


Cross References


  Zero tolerance policy for drugs and weapons, see §302A-1134.6.


Case Notes


  Defendant could not claim that state firearms regulations infringed upon rights protected by Second Amendment.  82 H. 143, 920 P.2d 357 (1996).

  Right to bear arms may be regulated by the State in a reasonable manner.  82 H. 143, 920 P.2d 357 (1996).

  Appellate court precluded from remanding convictions for retrial as no lesser included offense of a felon in possession of a firearm or ammunition under this chapter.  82 H. 517 (App.), 923 P.2d 934 (1996).