200D-3 Kaneohe Bay regional council; general powers, duties, and functions. The council shall have the following powers and duties and perform the following functions:

(1) Facilitate the implementation of the master plan as it relates to ocean use activities;

(2) Review and periodically amend the master plan as it relates to ocean use activities;

(3) Serve as a central coordinative clearinghouse of public and private activities in Kaneohe Bay, and as a repository and disseminator of information on the bay;

(4) Facilitate productive interaction between users of the bay and the general public in order to develop a common vision and make recommendations for public policy related to the bay;

(5) Recommend research, studies, data collection, and planning activities designed to provide additional information on Kaneohe Bay, with particular reference to the specific needs of the bay, and to publicize the results thereof, to the extent that these functions do not duplicate or supplant activities provided by other state or county agencies;

(6) Advise and make recommendations to the State and the county on matters regarding the use of Kaneohe Bay by the general public, marine research programs, and commercial ocean use activities, including legislative matters;

(7) Develop short- and long-term goals based on the master plan, resources, and programs for Kaneohe Bay;

(8) Educate the public and users of Kaneohe Bay on the problems and needs of the bay through public education programs;

(9) Serve as the public advocate for Kaneohe Bay;

(10) Initiate and maintain contact with public, private, county, and state organizations, agencies, and individuals engaging in activities in Kaneohe Bay;

(11) Establish a Kaneohe Bay fishing panel to monitor fishing activities in the bay, as recommended in the master plan as it relates to ocean use activities; and

(12) Hold quarterly meetings on the status of the implementation of the master plan. [L 1993, c 317, pt of 2, 7; am L 1998, c 4, 3 and c 129, 4; am L 2009, c 68, 1; am L 2010, c 19, 4; am L 2014, c 85, 2]



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