§199-5  Summons or citation.  There shall be a form of summons or citation for use in citing violators of title 12, chapters 6D, 6E, and 6K, and rules adopted thereunder, which do not mandate the physical arrest of the violators.  The summons or citation shall be printed in a form commensurate with the form of other summons or citation used in modern methods of arrest and shall be so designed to include all necessary information to make it valid and legal within the laws and rules of the State.  The form and content of the summons or citation shall be adopted or prescribed by the district courts.

     In every case where a summons or citation is issued, the original of the same shall be given to the violator; provided that the district courts may prescribe the issuance to the violator of a carbon copy of the summons or citation and provide for the disposition of the original and any other copies.  Every summons or citation shall be consecutively numbered and each carbon copy shall bear the number of its respective original. [L 1978, c 171, pt of §1; am L 1981, c 85, §113; am L 1997, c 17, §2; am L 2004, c 142, §12]