[199-1.5] Conservation and resources enforcement special fund; established. (a) There is hereby established in the state treasury a special fund known as the conservation and resources enforcement special fund, which shall be administered by the department.

(b) The following shall be deposited into the conservation and resources enforcement special fund:

(1) Grants, awards, donations, gifts, transfers, or moneys derived from public or private sources for the purposes of enforcing the provisions of title 12; chapters 6D, 6E, and 6K; or any rule adopted thereunder;

(2) Fees, reimbursements, administrative charges, and penalties collected for activities related to the enforcement of natural, cultural, and historic resources protection laws and rules, except as otherwise provided by law that provides for deposits into other special funds administered by the department;

(3) Moneys derived from interest, dividends, or other income from the above-mentioned sources; and

(4) Appropriations by the legislature to the special fund.

(c) The conservation and resources enforcement special fund shall be used for expenditures, including but not limited to:

(1) Training;

(2) Research;

(3) Equipment;

(4) Preparation and dissemination of information to the public;

(5) Data collection and development;

(6) Information technology;

(7) Safety;

(8) Wireless communication;

(9) Management;

(10) Travel;

(11) Equipment rental;

(12) Repairs;

(13) Planning;

(14) Information;

(15) Education;

(16) Operations;

(17) Maintenance functions authorized and deemed necessary by the department;

(18) Funding for consultants or contractual hires related to the enforcement of:

(A) Title 12;

(B) Chapters 6D, 6E, and 6K; or

(C) Any rule adopted thereunder; and

(19) Work performed in cooperation with enforcement authorities of the State, the counties, and the federal government.

(d) The fund shall be held separate and apart from all other moneys, funds, and accounts in the department, except that any moneys received from the federal government or from private contributions shall be deposited and accounted for in accordance with conditions established by the department and agencies or persons from whom the moneys are received. Any balance remaining in the fund at the end of any fiscal year shall be carried forward in the fund for the next fiscal year.

(e) As used in this section, "department" means the department of land and natural resources. [L 2011, c 78, 1]



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