§196-42  State support for achieving alternate fuels standards and clean ground transportation goals.  (a)  The State shall facilitate the development of alternate fuels and support the attainment of a statewide alternate fuels standard of ten per cent of highway fuel demand to be provided by alternate fuels by 2010, fifteen per cent by 2015, twenty per cent by 2020, and thirty per cent by 2030.  For purposes of the alternate fuels standard, ethanol produced from cellulosic materials shall be considered the equivalent of two and one-half gallons of noncellulosic ethanol.  "Alternate fuels" shall have the same meaning as contained in title 10 Code of Federal Regulations part 490; provided that it shall also include liquid or gaseous fuels produced from renewable feedstocks such as organic wastes, or from water using electricity from renewable energy sources.

     (b)  The State shall support the attainment of the clean ground transportation target established pursuant to section [196-9(c)(11)]. [L 2006, c 240, §5; am L 2010, c 175, §2; am L 2021, c 74, §6]