[196-10] Hawaii renewable hydrogen program. There is established, within the department of business, economic development, and tourism, a Hawaii renewable hydrogen program to manage the State's transition to a renewable hydrogen economy. The program shall design, implement, and administer activities that include:

(1) Strategic partnerships for the research, development, testing, and deployment of renewable hydrogen technologies;

(2) Engineering and economic evaluations of Hawaii's potential for renewable hydrogen use and near-term project opportunities for the State's renewable energy resources;

(3) Electric grid reliability and security projects that will enable the integration of a substantial increase of electricity from renewable energy resources on the island of Hawaii;

(4) Hydrogen demonstration projects, including infrastructure for the production, storage, and refueling of hydrogen vehicles;

(5) A statewide hydrogen economy public education and outreach plan focusing on the island of Hawaii, to be developed in coordination with Hawaii's public education institutions;

(6) Promotion of Hawaii's renewable hydrogen resources to potential partners and investors;

(7) A plan, for implementation during the years 2007 to 2010, to more fully deploy hydrogen technologies and infrastructure capable of supporting the island of Hawaii's energy needs, including:

(A) Expanded installation of hydrogen production facilities;

(B) Development of integrated energy systems, including hydrogen vehicles;

(C) Construction of additional hydrogen refueling stations; and

(D) Promotion of building design and construction that fully incorporates clean energy assets, including reliance on hydrogen-fueled energy generation;

(8) A plan, for implementation during the years 2010 to 2020, to transition the island of Hawaii to a hydrogen-fueled economy and to extend the application of the plan throughout the State; and

(9) Evaluation of policy recommendations to:

(A) Encourage the adoption of hydrogen-fueled vehicles;

(B) Continually fund the hydrogen investment capital special fund; and

(C) Support investment in hydrogen infrastructure, including production, storage, and dispensing facilities. [L 2006, c 240, 6]


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Hydrogen investment capital special fund, see 211F-5.7.


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