Part I. General Provisions


196-1 Findings and declaration of necessity

196-1.5 Priority permitting process for renewable energy


196-2 Definitions

196-3, 4 Repealed

196-5 Gas appliances with pilot light prohibited; exemptions

196-6 Energy efficient storage hot water heaters

196-6.5 Solar water heater system required for new

single-family residential construction

196-7 Placement of solar energy devices

196-7.5 Placement of electric vehicle charging system

196-8 Repealed

196-8.5 Placement of clotheslines

196-9 Energy efficiency and environmental standards for

state facilities, motor vehicles, and transportation


196-10 Hawaii renewable hydrogen program

196-10.5 Hawaii clean energy initiative program

196-10.8 Energy systems and technology training


Part II. Energy Efficiency in State Facilities

196-11 Definitions

196-12 to 18 Repealed

196-19 Life-cycle cost analysis

196-20 Repealed

196-21 Financing mechanisms

196-22 State energy projects

196-23 Energy efficient products

196-24 to 29 Repealed

196-30 Public buildings; benchmarks; retro-commissioning

guidelines; energy savings performance contracts


Part III. Other Provisions

196-41 State support for achieving renewable portfolio


196-42 State support for achieving alternate fuels standards


Part IV. Green Infrastructure Loans

196-61 Definitions

196-62 Hawaii green infrastructure loan program

196-62.5 Financing for state government agencies

196-63 Hawaii green infrastructure authority

196-64 Functions, powers, and duties of the authority

196-65 Hawaii green infrastructure special fund

196-66 Use of Hawaii green infrastructure special fund;


196-67 Hawaii green infrastructure bond fund

196-68 Compliance with revenue bond law

196-69 Reporting; annual report

196-70 Severability


Part V. Hawaii State Energy Office

196-71 Hawaii state energy office; established

196-72 Chief energy officer of the Hawaii state energy

office; duties


Part VI. Appliance Efficiency Standards

196-81 Definitions

196-82 Purpose

196-83 Rules

196-84 Scope

196-85 Appliance efficiency standards

196-86 Implementation

196-87 Protection against repeal of federal standards

196-88 Testing, certification, and labeling




L 2014, c 218, 8 purports to amend this chapter.


Cross References


Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see 604A-2.


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