[§195‑12]  Kaena point natural area reserve; vehicular access prohibited.  (a)  The use of any vehicle within or traversing the Kaena point natural area reserve is prohibited, except as provided in this section.  Any violation of this section shall be subject to section 195-8.

     (b)  The department may adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91 to allow a limited number of persons vehicular access to the Kaena point natural area reserve for department-permitted fishing and camping activities.

     (c)  This prohibition shall not apply to:

     (1)  Vehicles operated by personnel or agents of the department of land and natural resources necessary for the management and maintenance of the Kaena point natural area reserve and its resources; and

     (2)  Emergency vehicles, including emergency medical ambulances, police department vehicles, and fire department vehicles.

     (d)  For purposes of this section, "vehicle" means every motorized device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn, including all-terrain vehicles and mopeds. [L 2006, c 89, §2]