§195-6.6  Reports.  The department shall submit annually a comprehensive status report on the natural area reserves system and the natural area partnership program to include, but not be limited to:

     (1)  A description of activities and accomplishments;

     (2)  Compliance with chapter 42F requirements;

     (3)  An analysis of the problems and issues encountered in meeting or failing to meet the objectives set forth in the management plans;

     (4)  The status of public hunting opportunities;

     (5)  The financial condition of the fund, including receipts and expenditures for the fund for the previous fiscal year; and

     (6)  Plans and management objectives for the next fiscal year.

The report shall be submitted to the governor and the legislature no later than twenty days prior to the convening of each regular legislative session. [L 1991, c 326, pt of §1; am L 1992, c 180, §3; am L 1997, c 190, §6]