Part I. License and Regulation


189-1 Repealed

189-1.5 State marine waters

189-2 Commercial marine license

189-2.4 Commercial fisheries special fund

189-2.5 Longline fishing; description; prohibition

189-3 Monthly catch report

189-3.5 Catch report; shared jurisdiction of fisheries

189-4 Penalties

189-5 Aliens not admitted to United States

189-6 Licenses for marine life from waters not within

state jurisdiction

189-7 to 9 Repealed

189-10 Commercial marine dealers

189-11 Receipts in duplicate

189-12, 13 Repealed

189-14 Rights of entry, penalties

189-15 Authority

189-16 Repealed


Part II. Large Fishing Vessel Purchase, Construction,

Renovation, Maintenance, and Repair Loan


189-21 Definitions

189-22 Hawaii large fishing vessel purchase, construction,

renovation, maintenance, and repair loan program

189-23 Repealed

189-24 Functions, powers, and duties of director

189-25 Loans, terms, and restrictions

189-26 Reports


Part III. Fisherman Training

189-31 to 35 Repealed


Part IV. Hawaii Small Fishing Vessel Loan Program

189-41 Findings and purpose

189-42 Definitions

189-43 Repealed

189-44 Functions, powers, and duties of the director

189-45 Loans, terms, and restrictions

189-46 Reports


Cross References


Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see 604A-2.


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