Part I.  Fishing Rights--Repealed


    188-1 to 14 Repealed


        Part II.  Fishing Regulations, Generally

  188-21, 22 Repealed

 188-22.5 State marine waters

 188-22.6 Designation of community-based subsistence fishing


 188-22.7 Miloli‘i fisheries management area

 188-22.8 Limu management area

 188-22.9 Ha‘ena community-based subsistence fishing area;

          restrictions; regulations

   188-23 Possession or use of explosives, electrofishing

          devices, and poisonous substances in state waters

          prohibited; exception

   188-24 to 30.5 Repealed

   188-31 Permits to take aquatic life for aquarium purposes

 188-31.5 Aquarium fish for export; monthly count

  188-32, 33 Repealed

   188-34 Fishing in Honolulu harbor, Hilo harbor, restricted

   188-35 Fishing in certain waters

   188-36 Hawaii marine laboratory refuge

   188-37 Fishing in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

  188-38, 39 Repealed

 188-39.5 Manta rays; prohibitions, penalties and fines

  188-40, 40.5 Repealed

 188-40.6 Shark feeding; prohibitions; exceptions; penalties

 188-40.7 Shark fins; prohibited

  188-41, 42 Repealed

 188-42.5 Hihiwai, hapawai, and opae kala‘ole selling prohibited

   188-43 Hinana and oopu, taking of, prohibited

   188-44 Licenses for mullet

   188-45 Licenses for nehu, iao, and other baitfish

   188-46 to 49 Repealed

   188-50 License; application; fees; restrictions

   188-51 to 52.5 Repealed

   188-53 Fishing reserves, refuges, and public fishing areas

   188-54 to 56 Repealed

   188-57 Licenses for certain crustaceans

   188-58 Repealed

 188-58.5 Female ula (spiny lobsters), Kona crabs, and Samoan

          crabs; taking or killing prohibited

   188-59 to 67 Repealed

   188-68 Permits for coral and rock with marine life attached

   188-70 Penalties

   188-71 Harassment of fishermen; prohibition


Cross References


  Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see §604A-2.

  Taking a monk seal prohibited, see §195D-4.5.


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