Part I.  General Provisions


    187A-1 Definitions

  187A-1.5 State marine waters

  187A-1.6 Applicability of statutes and rules

    187A-2 Powers and duties of department

    187A-3 Repealed

  187A-3.5 Aquaculturist license and license to sell

           prohibited aquatic life

    187A-4 Administrator

    187A-5 Rules

  187A-5.5 Consistency of state and federal fisheries


    187A-6 Special activity permits

  187A-6.5 Release and confiscation of harmful aquatic life

    187A-7 Expenditures

    187A-8 Cooperation with other governmental authorities

    187A-9 Federal aid in sport fish restoration

  187A-9.5 Sport fish special fund

   187A-10 Agents to sell licenses

   187A-11 Repealed

   187A-12 University of Hawaii may use land, etc.

 187A-12.4 Misrepresentation or false statement in receipts

           and reports

 187A-12.5 General administrative penalties

   187A-13 General penalty; community service

   187A-14 Informer's fee

   187A-15 Rights of inspection of catch


         Part II.  Fishing Rights

   187A-21 Public fishing grounds

   187A-22 Use of adjoining lands

   187A-23 Konohiki rights


         Part III.  Alien Aquatic Organisms

   187A-31 Definitions

   187A-32 Alien aquatic organisms; lead agency; rules


         Part IV.  Aquatic Mitigation Banks

   187A-41 Aquatic mitigation banking

   187A-42 Rules


Cross References


  Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see §604A-2.


Law Journals and Reviews


  Protecting Hawai‘i's Fisheries:  Creating an Effective Regulatory Scheme to Sustain Hawai‘i's Fish Stocks.  29 UH L. Rev. 243.


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