183D-51 Game mammals defined; exception. (a) For the purposes of enforcing the wildlife laws of the State the following named mammals are hereby designated as game mammals when living in a wild or feral state not under domestication: deer (family Cervidae), pronghorn (family Antilocapridae), goat (Capra hircus), sheep (Ovis aries), cattle (Bos taurus), pig (Sus scrofa), and any other mammal that may be or has been introduced into the State and released for hunting and for which a hunting season is established by law or by rule of the department.

(b) Nothing in this section shall permit the taking, catching, pursuing, or killing of any mammal in the legal possession or control of any person, or where otherwise prohibited by law or by rule of the department. [L 1985, c 174, pt of 4]


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