183D-34 Private and commercial shooting preserve and farmer's license. (a) For the purpose of encouraging private and commercial shooting preserves, game bird farming, and the domestication and propagation of game birds, a license authorizing the licensee to engage in the business of conducting a private and commercial shooting game preserve, or breeding and selling game birds, as limited in this section, shall be issued by the department pursuant to rules as may be adopted by the department, to any responsible resident person duly applying therefor. The licenses shall expire on June 30 of each year.

(b) The fee for private and commercial shooting preserves and farmer's licenses shall be set by the department; provided that the department may authorize any governmental agency to breed and sell game birds, and may authorize any person to possess lawfully obtained game birds. The fees collected under this subsection shall be deposited into the wildlife revolving fund under section 183D‑10.5. [L 1985, c 174, pt of 4; am L 1995, c 135, 1, 3; am L 1996, c 50, 3; am L 1999, c 224, 3; am L 2007, c 129, 4]


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