183D-26 Hunting on private lands prohibited. (a) No person shall enter upon any land or premises belonging to, held, or occupied by another, for the purpose of hunting or to take any kind of wildlife including game without first having obtained permission from the owner or a duly appointed agent, if the owner is the occupier or holder, or if the owner has let another occupy or hold the same, without having first obtained the permission of the occupier or holder thereof, or the duly appointed agent of the occupier or holder.

(b) No prosecution shall be brought under this section, except upon the sworn complaint of the owner, occupier, or holder of the land or premises, or a duly appointed agent, or if the owner, occupier, or holder is either a corporation or a partnership, then the complaint shall be sworn to by an officer of the corporation or by one of the members of the partnership. [L 1985, c 174, pt of 4]


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