[183D-25.5] Hunting guides; licensing and reporting requirements. (a) No person shall engage in the business of soliciting and guiding clients for the purpose of taking any game bird or mammal without first procuring a hunting guide license.

(b) A hunting guide license shall be issued to any person who possesses a valid state hunting license and registers with the department; provided that hunting guides shall provide service only to clients with a current state hunting license, unless the client is otherwise exempted by the department.

(c) Hunting guides shall provide an annual report to the department of their guide activities that shall include the number of clients served and the clients' residency status. The reports shall be submitted within thirty days after the expiration of the hunting guide license issued pursuant to this section. The failure to submit an annual report within the time specified shall be grounds for the revocation and nonrenewal of the hunting guide license. [L 1996, c 50, 1]


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