183D-22 Application and issuance of licenses; fees. (a) A hunting license shall be issued to a person by an agent of the department upon:

(1) Written application in the form prescribed by the department;

(2) Payment of a hunting license fee or any other hunting related fee the board may require as provided in this chapter; except that payment of the fee shall be waived for any employee of the department who is required to have a license to carry out duties of the department; and

(3) Showing of a valid Hawaii hunter education certificate or written exemption issued under section 183D-28 or upon showing proof of completion of an approved hunter education course described in section 183D-28(b)(2).

The application shall require a statement under oath of the applicant's name, address, domicile or residence, length of residence in the State, age, race, height, weight, and color of hair and eyes.

(b) The hunting license fee shall be:

(1) $10 for any person who has resided in the State for one year or longer, or who is a member of the armed forces of the United States on active duty and the spouse and children thereof, or who elects to forgo the exemption provided in paragraph (4);

(2) $95 for all other persons;

(3) $50 for a three-day period and $95 for a seven-day period for hunting on a private and commercial shooting preserve for persons who do not meet the requirements of paragraph (1) or (4); and

(4) Free to all Hawaii residents sixty-five years of age or older and to all persons with Hansen's disease who are residents of Kalaupapa, Molokai.

(c) The department shall suspend, refuse to renew, reinstate, or restore, or deny any license if the department has received certification from the child support enforcement agency pursuant to section 576D-13 that the licensee or applicant is not in compliance with an order of support or has failed to comply with a subpoena or warrant relating to a paternity or child support proceeding. The department shall issue, renew, restore, or reinstate such a license only upon receipt of an authorization from the child support enforcement agency, the office of child support hearings, or the family court. [L 1985, c 174, pt of 4; am L 1988, c 12, 2 and c 31, 1; am L 1989, c 96, 1; am L 1992, c 127, 1; am L 1997, c 293, 10; am L 1998, c 88, 2; am L 1999, c 224, 1; am L 2007, c 129, 1]




The amendment made by L 2014, c 218, 8 is not included in this section.


Case Notes


Section 183D-10.5 and this section provided the authority for the department of land and natural resources to require payment of a fee for a hunting-related article such as a stamp; however, since game bird hunting was an activity permitted under this chapter, the department was required under 183D-3 to adopt a rule pursuant to 91-3 when setting the stamp fees for hunting. 117 H. 16 (App.), 175 P.3d 126.



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