183D-4 Game management areas, wildlife sanctuaries, public hunting areas. (a) For the purposes of preserving, protecting, conserving, and propagating wildlife, the department shall establish, maintain, manage, and operate game management areas, wildlife sanctuaries, and public hunting areas on land under its control and, as it deems desirable, enter into agreements for taking control of privately owned lands for those purposes.

(b) For the purposes of this section:

"Game management area" means an area so designated by either executive order, rule, cooperative agreement, or action of the board of land and natural resources that has been set aside for the primary purpose of managing, sustaining, and enhancing habitat and populations of game mammals and/or game birds, and providing public hunting and, secondarily, other compatible uses.

"Public hunting area" means those lands designated by the board of land and natural resources as areas where the public may hunt game birds and mammals, including:

(1) Game management areas;

(2) Forest reserves and surrendered lands;

(3) Natural area reserves;

(4) Restricted watersheds;

(5) Cooperative game management areas;

(6) Military training areas;

(7) Unencumbered state lands;

(8) Designated sanctuaries; and

(9) Other lands designated by the board. [L 1985, c 174, pt of 4; am L 1999, c 122, 1; am L 2001, c 118, 1]


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