Part I. General Provisions


183D-1 Definitions

183D-2 Powers and duties of department

183D-3 Rules

183D-4 Game management areas, wildlife sanctuaries, public

hunting areas

183D-4.5 Game management advisory commission

183D-5 Penalties

183D-6 Permits for taking wildlife for scientific,

educational, or propagation purposes

183D-7 Expenditures

183D-8 Cooperation with other governmental authorities

183D-9 Federal aid in wildlife restoration

183D-10 Repealed

183D-10.5 Wildlife revolving fund; establishment

183D-11 Informer's fee

183D-12 General administrative penalties


Part II. Hunting in General

183D-21 Hunting licenses required

183D-22 Application and issuance of licenses; fees

183D-23 Licenses expire when

183D-24 Duplicate licenses

183D-25 Licenses; display thereof

183D-25.5 Hunting guides; licensing and reporting requirements

183D-26 Hunting on private lands prohibited

183D-27 Night hunting on private lands; prohibition

183D-27.5 Harassment of hunters; prohibition

183D-28 Hunter education program

183D-29 Agents to collect application fees and sell licenses


Part III. Game Birds

183D-31 Game birds, declaration by department

183D-32 Open and closed seasons and bag limits on game birds

183D-33 Shooting certain pigeons prohibited

183D-34 Private and commercial shooting preserve and farmer's


183D-35 Importation; sale of game birds

183D-36 Carcass to be tagged

183D-37 Retail dealer's license

183D-38 Transportation

183D-39 Report by licensed private and commercial shooting

preserve operator; farmer

183D-40 Permit; authority under

183D-41 Game birds when exclusive property

183D-42 Inspection of private and commercial shooting preserve

and game farm


Part IV. Game Mammals

183D-51 Game mammals defined; exception

183D-52 Interisland transportation and possession of wild

or feral deer prohibited


Part V. Wild Birds and Other Wildlife

183D-61 Permits to take wild birds, game birds, and game


183D-62 Taking, injuring, or destroying wild birds prohibited

183D-63 Keeping wild birds in captivity prohibited

183D-64 Transportation of wild birds from the State prohibited

183D-65 Posting; destruction of predators

183D-66 Wildlife trafficking; prohibited




Department of transportation's bridge rehabilitation and replacement program; temporary exemption from certain construction requirements of this chapter through June 30, 2022 or until completion. L 2012, c 218; L 2017, c 48.


Cross References


Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see 604A-2.


Case Notes


Sections 183D-22 and 183D-10.5 provided the authority for the department of land and natural resources to require payment of a fee for a hunting-related article such as a stamp; however, since game bird hunting was an activity permitted under this chapter, the department was required under 183D-3 to adopt a rule pursuant to 91-3 when setting the stamp fees for hunting. 117 H. 16 (App.), 175 P.3d 126.



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