[183C-2] Definitions. As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

"Board" means the board of land and natural resources.

"Chairperson" means the chairperson of the board of land and natural resources.

"Conservation district" means those lands within the various counties of the State bounded by the conservation district line, as established under provisions of Act 187, Session Laws of Hawaii 1961, and Act 205, Session Laws of Hawaii 1963, or future amendments thereto.

"Department" means the department of land and natural resources.

"Kuleana" means those lands granted to native tenants pursuant to L. 1850, p. 202 entitled "An Act Confirming Certain Resolutions of the King and Privy Council, Passed on the 21st Day of December, A.D. 1849, Granting to the Common People Allodial Titles for Their Own Lands and House Lots, and Certain Other Privileges", as originally enacted and as amended.

"Land" means all real property, fast or submerged, and all interests therein, including fauna, flora, minerals, and all such natural resources, unless otherwise expressly provided.

"Landowner" means an owner of land or any estate or interest in that land.

"Land use" means:

(1) The placement or erection of any solid material on land;

(2) The grading, removing, harvesting, dredging, mining, or extraction of any material or natural resource on land;

(3) The subdivision of land; or

(4) The construction, reconstruction, demolition, or alteration of any structure, building, or facility on land.

"Nonconforming" use means the lawful use of any building, premises or land for any trade, industry, residence or other purposes which is the same as and no greater than that established prior to October 1, 1964, or prior to the inclusion of the building, premises, or land within the conservation district. [L 1994, c 270, pt of 1]



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