183-14 Vested rights protected. Nothing in sections 183-11 to 183-13 contained shall be held in any way to interfere or conflict with any vested rights under or arising out of any grant, lease, or license of or concerning any government lands or water rights, or rights-of-way. Nor shall anything in such sections contained be construed to change any rights in or concerning any water upon or flowing from or through any land set apart or surrendered as a forest reserve, or as depriving or limiting any state officer from exercising any existing power or authority or any power which may hereafter be created to deal with such water or water rights, or rights-of-way. [L 1903, c 44, 10; RL 1925, 592; RL 1935, 181; RL 1945, 1016; RL 1955, 19-4; HRS 183-14; am L 1988, c 337, 6]


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