183-1.5 Duties in general. The department shall:

(1) Gather and compile information and statistics concerning the area, location, character, and increase and decrease of forests in the State;

(2) Gather and compile information as necessary concerning trees, plants, and shrubs recommended for planting in different localities, including the care and propagation of trees and shrubs for protective, productive, and aesthetic purposes and other useful information, which the department deems proper;

(3) Have the power to manage and regulate all lands which may be set apart as forest reserves;

(4) Devise ways and means of protecting, extending, increasing, and utilizing the forests and forest reserves, more particularly for protecting and developing the springs, streams, and sources of water supply to increase and make that water supply available for use;

(5) Devise and carry into operation, ways and means by which forests and forest reserves can, with due regard to the main objectives of title 12, be made self-supporting in whole or in part;

(6) Devise and carry into operation, ways and means of reforesting suitable state lands;

(7) Formulate and from time to time recommend to the governor and legislature such additional legislation as it deems necessary or desirable for better implementing the objectives of title 12;

(8) Publish, at the end of each year, a report of the expenditures and proceedings of the department and of the results achieved by the department, together with such other matters as are germane to the subject matter under title 12 and which the department deems proper. [L 1903, c 44, pt of 5; am L 1919, c 65, 1; RL 1925, 586; RL 1935, pt of 176; am L 1941, c 228, 1; RL 1945, pt of 1006; RL 1955, pt of 18-7; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, 22; am L 1961, c 132, 1; HRS 183-1; am L 1981, c 85, 3; am L 1985, c 174, 2; am L 1988, c 337, 6; am L 1990, c 315, 3]


Revision Note


This section is former 183-1.


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General authority, see 26-15.


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