181-8 Appeal. Any operator aggrieved by any decision, order, or action of the board of land and natural resources refusing, modifying, suspending, canceling, or revoking a permit or disapproving an amended plan of reclamation may appeal from such decision, order, or action to the circuit environmental court of the circuit in which is located any part of the land described in the permit. The appeal shall be governed by the provisions of rule 72 of the Hawaii rules of civil procedure and chapter 91. The appellant shall file a bond with the clerk of the circuit environmental court to which the appeal is taken, in such amount and with such surety or sureties as the clerk may fix and prescribe, conditioned to pay all costs if the appeal be decided adversely to the appellant. On motion of the board the environmental court may require the penalty of the bond to be increased to such amount and to be so conditioned that the operator filing the appeal shall be bound to perform all requirements of this chapter. The environmental court shall have the power to reverse, affirm, or modify in whole or part, the decision, order, or action appealed from. [L 1957, c 161, 9; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, 21; am L 1961, c 132, 2; am L 1965, c 96, 80; Supp, 98C-9; HRS 181-8; am L 2014, c 218, 8]



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