181-4 Application for permit; fee. (a) Any operator desiring to engage in strip mining shall make written application to the board of land and natural resources for a permit. Application for the permit shall be made upon the form furnished by the board, which form shall require a description of the pit with such particularity as the board may require, the approximate number of acres of mineral land that will be mined annually, the approximate date upon which mining operations shall commence and such other information as the board may require. The application shall be accompanied by an annual fee determined by the number of acres to be stripped in one year, as follows:

Less than ten acres........ $100

Ten to twenty-four acres.... 200

Twenty-five to forty-nine acres............................ 300

Fifty to ninety-nine acres.. 400

One hundred acres........... 500

The application together with the proper fee shall also be accompanied by a bond meeting the requirements of section 181-5.

Upon receipt of the application, fee, and bond, the board shall issue a permit to the applicant which, upon the applicant's filing the plan required by subsection (a) of section 181-6 shall entitle the applicant for a period of one year next following to engage in strip mining of the land identified in the application in the manner and subject to the provisions set forth in the plan. The board shall refuse to issue a permit if the application is not in proper form or is not accompanied by the correct amount of the fee or if the bond does not meet the requirements of section 181-5.

(b) Each permit shall be renewed each year by the board upon receipt by it of the required annual fee and the filing of the bond required by section 181-5. The permit, whether originally issued or renewed, shall remain in effect until terminated through lapse of time, or suspended, revoked, or canceled by the board following a hearing as provided in subsection (b) of section 181-7, for failure of the operator to comply with the terms thereof or the requirements of this chapter. [L 1957, c 161, 5; am L 1959, c 20, 4; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, 21; am L 1961, c 132, 2; Supp, 98C-5; HRS 181-4; gen ch 1985]


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