§180-11  Consolidating districts; petition.  Petitions for the consolidation of two or more districts may be filed with the department of land and natural resources.  The petitions must be signed by a majority of the members of the governing body, or by twenty-five or more land occupier votes in, each district proposed to be consolidated.  In such event the procedures herein provided for organizing districts shall be observed, insofar as they are applicable; provided that the votes cast in the referendum on the question of consolidation shall be counted separately for each district and the department shall not have authority to determine in favor of the proposed consolidation unless a majority of the votes cast with respect to each separate district shall have been cast in favor thereof.  The provisions of sections 180-6 to 180-8 governing the selection of district governing bodies and the completion of the organization of districts shall apply to the selection of a governing body for and the completion of the organization of any new district resulting from a consolidation of districts.  The terms of office of the directors of the consolidating districts shall expire and the terms of office of the directors of the new consolidated district shall commence, upon the issuance by the lieutenant governor of a certificate of the due organization of the consolidated district.  Upon such a consolidation, all the property rights and liabilities of the several consolidating districts shall be vested in and assumed by the consolidated district. [L 1947, c 191, pt of §5; RL 1955, §28-14; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §§9, 22; am L 1961, c 132, §2; am L 1967, c 145, §§1, 2; HRS §180-11]