§180-1  Definitions.  Whenever used in this chapter:

     "Director" means a member of the governing body of a district.

     "District" or "soil and water conservation district" means a governmental subdivision of this State, and a public body corporate and politic, organized in accordance with this chapter.

     "Due notice" means notice given during a ten-day period by publication or if no means of publication is available by posting at a reasonable number of conspicuous places within the affected area.

     "Land occupier" or "occupier of land" includes any person, firm, or corporation who leases or holds title to lands for agricultural designation or use within a district organized, or to be organized, under this chapter. [L 1947, c 191, §3; RL 1955, §28-2; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §38; am L 1961, c 53, §1; HRS §180-1; am L 1991, c 94, §2]