171-42 Hotel and resort uses. Public land may be leased for hotel or resort development, if the department of business, economic development, and tourism finds that the land possesses the amenities for a successful hotel and resort development and that the advantages of its placement for such use outweigh those inherent in free public use in its natural state. Where the land being disposed of for hotel or resort use is divisible into more than one economic unit, the division shall be made prior to disposition, provided that firm use controls shall be imposed to assure that the development of each unit is compatible with the others. Provisions for community operations of shopping areas, golf courses, and other similar facilities shall be encouraged, with special assessments for the maintenance of these community facilities. Where public land disposed of for hotel or resort use is adjacent to any beach, waterway, or historic monument or landmark, the disposition shall be subject to reservations of public right-of-way or public access at all times to such beach, waterway, historic monument, or landmark.

The board of land and natural resources may, with the prior approval of the governor, and subject to disapproval by the legislature by two-thirds vote of either the senate or the house of representatives or by majority vote of both, in any regular session next following the date of disposition, sell in fee simple or lease with option to purchase, raw, unimproved public land for hotel and resort use; provided that:

(1) The board first finds that the land is suitable for resort development and that its use for resort purposes will promote the economic development of the State;

(2) The purchaser submits development plans for the area to be purchased which conform with applicable county or city and county zoning and subdivision requirements;

(3) The board finds upon independent study of these plans that the proposed development is compatible with the developments in the area in general and consistent with good sound planning;

(4) The purchaser agrees to construct, improve, and put in all off-site and on-site improvements as may be required by the board which may include any or all of the following--all major and minor auxiliary roads and highways as well as all local streets, all connecting water lines and mains to existing lines and mains, all necessary sewer lines, sewage treatment, or disposal plants, all pumping stations, all reservoirs, golf courses, recreational areas, shopping centers, and all other improvements necessary to develop the raw land into an economic resort enterprise;

(5) The purchaser agrees to complete all improvements within the time limitations set by the board;

(6) The title to the land shall remain in the State until the purchaser has made all payments required in the terms of the sale and has constructed the improvements as agreed; provided that where the purchaser finds it necessary to secure a loan to finance the construction of the improvements the board may issue a patent or deed upon the execution in favor of the State of a performance and payment bond conditioned upon the payment of an amount equal to one hundred per cent of the improvement cost. The bond shall by its terms inure to the benefit of the State;

(7) The board shall sell for resort uses only that portion of the public lands in the proposed resort area which it finds to be absolutely necessary to give the purchaser self-sustaining economic operations; provided that no public land shall be included in the sale for these purposes which will not actually be improved and used in the resort area for resort purposes;

(8) The lessee with an option to purchase shall not be permitted to exercise the option until the lessee has complied with all the terms and conditions of the lease, including but not limited to the construction or erection of improvements as may be required by the board.

In any disposition under this section the board shall give consideration to the needs of the public for beach area above the high water mark.

Upon a finding by the board that the public interest demands it, the board may lease, lease with option to purchase, or sell in fee simple such public lands by negotiation; subject to the provisions contained in this section and to such other terms and conditions contained in this chapter. [L 1962, c 32, pt of 2; am L 1963, c 2, 1 and c 196, 2, 3, 4; am L 1965, c 239, 21; Supp, 103A-42; HRS 171-42; gen ch 1985; am L 1987, c 336, 7; am L 1990, c 293, 8]


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Beach Access: A Public Right? 23 HBJ 65.



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