Subtitle 1.  Public Lands


   171 Public Lands, Management and Disposition of

  171C Public Land Development Corporation--Repealed

   172 Land Commission Awards; Surveys

   173 Reclamation of Lands

  173A Acquisition of Resource Value Lands


          Subtitle 2.  Water and Land Development; Flood Control

   174 Water and Land Development

  174C State Water Code

   175 Molokai Irrigation and Water Utilization Project--


   176 Water Resources--Repealed

  176D Protection of Instream Uses of Water--Repealed

   177 Ground-Water Use--Repealed

   178 Wells, Generally--Repealed

   179 Flood Control and Flood Water Conservation

  179D Dams and Reservoirs

   180 Soil and Water Conservation Districts

  180C Soil Erosion and Sediment Control


          Subtitle 3.  Mining and Minerals

   181 Strip Mining

   182 Reservation and Disposition of Government Mineral Rights


          Subtitle 4.  Forestry and Wildlife; Recreation Areas;

                       Fire Protection

   183 Forest Reserves, Water Development, Zoning

  183B Hawaiian Fishponds

  183C Conservation District

  183D Wildlife

   184 State Parks and Recreation Areas

   185 Land Fire Protection Law

   186 Tree Farms


          Subtitle 5.  Aquatic Resources and Wildlife

   187 General Provisions Relating to Aquatic Resources and


  187A Aquatic Resources

   188 Fishing Rights and Regulations

  188E Hawaii Fisheries Coordinating Council--Repealed

  188F West Hawaii Regional Fishery Management Area

   189 Commercial Fishing

  189G Aquaculture Advisory Council--Repealed

   190 Marine Life Conservation Program

  190D Ocean and Submerged Lands Leasing

   191 Birds and Mammals--Repealed

   192 Shooting Preserves and Game Bird Farming--Repealed


          Subtitle 6.  General and Miscellaneous Programs

   193 Conservation:  Employment Programs

   194 Invasive Species Council

   195 Natural Area Reserves System

  195D Conservation of Aquatic Life, Wildlife, and Land Plants

  195F Forest Stewardship

   196 Energy Resources

  196D Geothermal and Cable System Development

   197 General Provisions Relating to Aquatic Resources and


   198 Conservation Easements

  198D Hawaii Statewide Trail and Access System


          Subtitle 7.  Enforcement

   199 Conservation and Resources Enforcement Program

  199D Civil Natural Resource Violations Act


          Subtitle 8.  Ocean Recreation and Coastal Areas

   200 Ocean Recreation and Coastal Areas Programs

  200A Uniform Certificate of Title for Vessels Act

  200D Kaneohe Bay Regional Council




  The amendment made by L 2014, c 218, §8 to the following chapters is not included in this Supplement:  173, 174, 179, 180, 180C, 183, 183B, 185, 186, 188F, 190, 190D, 193, 195, 195F, 196, 197, 198D, 199D, and 200D.


Cross References


  Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this title, see §604A-2.







        Part I.  General Provisions


    171-1 Definitions

    171-2 Definition of public lands

    171-3 Department of land and natural resources

    171-4 Board of land and natural resources; terms and

          qualifications of members of the board; organization;


  171-4.5 Aha moku advisory committee; established

    171-5 Meetings, regular, special; quorum

    171-6 Powers

  171-6.4 General administrative penalties

  171-6.5 Repealed

    171-7 General duties of the board

    171-8 Land agents and other employees

  171-8.5 Koke‘e state park advisory council

  171-8.6 Risk assessment working group

    171-9 Land districts

   171-10 Classes of lands

   171-11 Public purposes, lands set aside by the governor;


   171-12 Permanent register of applicants for public lands

   171-13 Disposition of public lands

   171-14 Auction

 171-14.5 Auction pre-qualification; agricultural and pasture


   171-15 Drawing

   171-16 Notices

   171-17 Appraisals

   171-18 Public land trust

 171-18.5 Sugarcane lands conveyed for the development of

          housing projects

   171-19 Special land and development fund

 171-19.5 Repealed

   171-20 Notice of breach or default

   171-21 Rights of holder of security interest

   171-22 Consent to mortgage

   171-23 Land patents and deeds, issued when

   171-24 Land conveyances, preparation, signing, record, copies

   171-25 Irrigation projects

   171-26 Rights-of-way to the sea, game management areas, and

          public hunting areas

   171-27 Taxes

   171-28 Government-owned Hawaiian fishponds; sale prohibition

   171-29 Report to legislature on all dispositions

   171-30 Acquisition of real property; general

   171-31 Depository for documents; filing, record

 171-31.5 Disposition of abandoned or seized property

 171-31.6 Criminal penalties


        Part II.  Dispositions, Generally


        A.  Policy and Planning

   171-32 Policy

   171-33 Planning; generally

   171-34 Planning; intensive agricultural and pasture uses


        B.  Leases or Sales

   171-35 Lease provisions; generally

   171-36 Lease restrictions; generally

 171-36.1 Reservation of rights to prehistoric and historic

          remains on leased public lands

 171-36.2 Public lands for historic preservation and


   171-37 Lease restrictions; intensive agricultural and

          pasture uses

 171-37.5 Withdrawal or taking of leased land; fair compensation

   171-38 Condemnation of leases

   171-39 Leases; forfeiture

   171-40 Expired leases; holdover

   171-41 Commercial, industrial, and other business uses

 171-41.5 Amendment of commercial, hotel, or industrial lease

 171-41.6 Lessees within the last ten years of their lease

          terms; requests for interest

   171-42 Hotel and resort uses

   171-43 Lease of campsites or sites for youth athletic and/or

          educational activities

 171-43.1 Lease to eleemosynary organizations

   171-44 Lease for recreation-residence use


        C.  Residential Uses

   171-45 Residence lots; sale or leases

   171-46 Residential sales or leases; planning

   171-47 Residence lots; improvement districts

   171-48 Residence lots, requirements

   171-49 Residence lots:  unsold; forfeited; surrendered

 171-49.5 Resale, first offer to board; limitation on resale


 171-49.7 Public lands suitable and available for residential

          development; inventory


        D.  Miscellaneous

   171-50 Exchanges

 171-50.1 Acquisition of lands for exchange under chapter 516

 171-50.2 Exchanges for conversion of leasehold lands to fee

          simple ownership

   171-51 Quitclaim

   171-52 Remnant

   171-53 Reclamation and disposition of submerged or

          reclaimed public land

   171-54 Land license

   171-55 Permits

 171-55.5 Agricultural plots

   171-56 Contract or license for concessions or concession


   171-57 Reserved rights and easements

   171-58 Minerals and water rights

 171-58.5 Prohibitions

   171-59 Disposition by negotiation

   171-60 Development through private developer

   171-61 Cancellation, surrender

   171-62 Sales; payment, default

   171-63 Waiver of restrictions

   171-64 Covenants against discrimination

 171-64.5 Nonconventional uses; department of health;

          approval and authorization; Waimano ridge

 171-64.7 Legislative approval of sale or gift of lands


        Part III.  Special Dispositions; Sales and Leases

                   Permitted Without Public Auction


        A.  Certain Agricultural Uses, Including Special

            Livestock and Pasture

   171-65 Leases, leases with option to purchase, sales

          permitted; when

   171-66 Planning

   171-67 Restrictions; conditions

   171-68 Applicants; qualifications of

   171-69 Preference right


        B.  Residential Leases

   171-70 Findings and declaration of necessity

   171-71 Definitions

   171-72 Subdivision, improvement and lease of public lands

   171-73 Term, rent, and other conditions of residential


   171-74 Qualifications of lessees

   171-75 Persons disqualified to take residential leases

   171-76 Preference right to residential lease

   171-77 Transfers of title by bequest, devise, intestate

          succession, or by operation of law, and upon


   171-78 Notice; drawing

   171-79 Purchase of fee title by lessee

   171-80 Cancellation of leases

   171-81 Surrender of lease

   171-82 Approval by board

   171-83 Costs of, and realization from, residential leasing

   171-84 Leases to certain developers of housing for low and

          moderate income families


        C.  Disposition to Victims of Natural Disaster


            1.  Disposition for Other Than Residential or

                Agricultural Purposes

   171-85 Definitions

   171-86 Purpose

   171-87 Disposition to victims of natural disaster, when

   171-88 Option to purchase

   171-89 Applications

   171-90 Eligibility

   171-91 Notice of availability of leases; selection of lessees

   171-92 Existing public leases


            2.  Disposition for Residential Purposes

   171-93 Authorization

   171-94 Persons dispossessed or displaced


        D.  Disposition to Government Agencies and Public


   171-95 Disposition to governments, governmental agencies,

          public utilities, and renewable energy producers

 171-95.1 Authority of board to extend leases under certain


 171-95.3 Renewable energy producers; lease of public lands

          without public auction

 171-95.5 Lease to public charter schools

   171-96 Lease to foreign governments


        Part IV.  Relating to Existing Homestead Rights;

                  Continuation Thereof and Removal of Certain


   171-97 Definition

   171-98 Release of restrictions

   171-99 Continuation of rights under existing homestead

          leases, certificates of occupation, right of

          purchase leases, and cash freehold agreements

  171-100 Successor determination program


        Part V.  Lands for Agricultural Purposes

  171-111 Repealed

  171-112 Acquisition

  171-113 to 116.5 Repealed

  171-117 Public lands; agricultural park lands

  171-118 Repealed


        Part VI.  Economic Development

  171-121 Molokai forest lands, management program established


        Part VII.  Industrial Parks

  171-131 Definitions

  171-132 Designation of industrial park

  171-133 Authority to plan, improve, develop, operate, and

          maintain industrial parks

  171-134 Industrial park development

  171-135 Joint venture or development agreement

  171-136 Disposition of public lands within industrial park

  171-137 Preference

  171-138 Repealed

  171-139 Acquisition

  171-140 Rules

  171-141 Lease for eligible permittee in industrial park

  171-142 Lease for lessees dislocated by condemnation


  171-143 Rate policy

  171-144 Issuance of revenue bonds


        Part VIII.  Restoration of Beach Lands

  171-151 Definitions

  171-152 General powers

  171-153 Beach restoration plan

  171-154 Authority to lease coastal lands

  171-155 Development of public coastal lands

  171-156 Beach restoration special fund


         Part IX.  Turtle Bay, Oahu

  171-171 Reimbursable general obligation bonds for

          conservation easement and other real property

          interests in Turtle Bay, Oahu

  171-172 Turtle Bay conservation easement special fund

  171-173 Turtle Bay appraisal and due diligence

  171-174 Lease of Turtle Bay lands


         Part X.  Hilo Community Economic District

  171-191 Definitions

  171-192 Lease restrictions

  171-193 Lessees within the last ten years of their lease terms;

          request for interest




  Dark night skies protection strategy; advisory committee (dissolved on June 30, 2027); reports to 2018-2021 legislature.  L 2017, c 185, §§2, 3.

  Department of transportation's bridge rehabilitation and replacement program; temporary exemption from certain construction requirements of part II of this chapter through June 30, 2022 or until completion.  L 2012, c 218; L 2017, c 48.

  Kakaako makai; conveyance of certain parcels to office of Hawaiian affairs.  L 2012, c 15.

  Performance audit of the special land and development fund and land conservation fund; report to 2019 legislature.  L 2017, c 209.

  Priority mooring space for intra-county ferry service.  L 2008, c 57, §2.

  Relief for airport concessionaires (repealed July 1, 2013).  L Sp 2009, c 33; L 2011, c 104, §2.

  State purchase of land subject to approval.  L 2017, c 49, §74.

  State purchase of private lands subject to approval.  L 2015, c 119, §105.

  Transfer of property containing schools from city and county of Honolulu; transfer effective December 31, 2018.  L 2017, c 206, §2; L 2019, c 272, §4.

  Use of lands in public land trust; payments and accounting requirements.  L 2006, c 178.

  Water rights lease applications; annual report to 2017-2020 legislature.  L 2016, c 126, §2.


Cross References


  Ala Wai boat harbor; leases, see §200-2.6.

  Civil relief for state military forces, see chapter 657D.

  Conclusive presumptions relating to duty of public entities to warn of dangers at public beach parks, see §663-1.56.

  Disposition of state boating facility properties, see §200-2.5.

  Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see §604A-2.

  Kaho‘olawe island reserve, see chapter 6K.

  Koke‘e state park advisory council, see §171-8.5.

  State facility renovation partnership program, see chapter 107D.

  Transfer of non-agricultural park lands classified for agricultural use to department of agriculture, see chapter 166E.


Attorney General Opinions


  Applies to any and all "public lands", including ceded lands or lands acquired by the State by other means.  Att. Gen. Op. 95-3.


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