[§169-1]  Private agricultural parks.  The owners of one or more contiguous parcels, including public lands, within the agricultural district may establish a private agricultural park.  The owners shall register the private agricultural park agreement with the department of agriculture, on forms prescribed and prepared by the department, which shall include the following information for each private agricultural park:

     (1)  The names and addresses of all the parties;

     (2)  The tax map parcel numbers and number of acres in each parcel to be included in the private agricultural park;

     (3)  The types of agricultural activities and products being produced or to be produced by each party, including non-agricultural by-products that may include renewable sources of energy for the production of electrical energy or liquid fuel and cold water for cooling, processing, and air conditioning purposes; and

     (4)  Other information that the department of agriculture determines may be of assistance in promoting the private agricultural park;

provided that, by subsequent filings, a private agricultural park may add or delete parties and parcels from its original filing. [L 2009, c 122, pt of §2]



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