167-1 Findings and declaration of necessity

    167-2 Definitions

    167-3 Engineering program administrator

    167-4 Interested members of the board or employees

    167-5 Powers

    167-6 Further powers

    167-7 Issuance of revenue bonds

    167-8 Investment of funds

    167-9 Security for funds deposited by board

   167-10 Eligibility of revenue bonds for investment

   167-11 Rate policy; sale of excess water

   167-12 Lands included within irrigation projects

   167-13 Petition of land occupiers for formation of water


   167-14 Petition of Hawaiian homes commission for formation

          of irrigation project, community pastures

   167-15 State lands, formation of irrigation project

   167-16 Consideration of petitions; notice and hearing

   167-17 Formation of irrigation project on initiative

          of board; notice and hearing; protests

   167-18 Approval of legislature, appropriations

   167-19 Administration of irrigation project; acreage

          assessments; liens

   167-20 Furnishing domestic water

   167-21 Repayment of certain state advances

   167-22 Irrigation system revolving fund

 167-22.5 Repealed

   167-23 Molokai irrigation system water users advisory

          board; establishment; meetings

   167-24 Repealed


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