[§166E-10]  Non-agricultural park land development.  On behalf of the State or in partnership with a federal agency, a county, or a private party and except as provided in this section, the department may develop non-agricultural park lands that, at the option of the board, may be exempt from all statutes, ordinances, charter provisions, and rules of any governmental agency relating to planning, zoning, construction standards for subdivisions, development and improvement of land, and construction of buildings thereon; provided that:

     (1)  The board finds the development is consistent with the public purpose and intent of this chapter and meets minimum health and safety requirements;

     (2)  The development of the proposed non-agricultural park land does not contravene any safety standards or tariffs approved by the public utilities commission for public utilities;

     (3)  The county in which the non-agricultural park development is proposed shall approve the non-agricultural park development; and provided further that:

          (A)  The county shall approve or disapprove the development within forty-five days after the department submits preliminary plans and specifications for the development to the county.  If the county does not disapprove the development after the forty-fifth day, the development shall be deemed approved;

          (B)  No action shall be prosecuted or maintained against any county, its officials, or employees, on any actions taken by them in reviewing, approving, or disapproving the plans and specifications; and

          (C)  The final plans and specifications for the development shall be deemed approved by the county if the final plans and specifications do not substantially deviate from the preliminary plans and specifications.  The final plans and specifications for the project shall constitute the planning, zoning, building, construction, and subdivision standards for that development.  For purposes of sections 501-85 and 502-17, the chairperson of the board or the responsible county official may certify maps and plans of lands connected with the development as having complied with applicable laws and ordinances relating to consolidation and subdivision of lands, and the maps and plans shall be accepted for registration or recordation by the land court and registrar; and

     (4)  The State shall assume the responsibility of maintaining all roads and infrastructure improvements within the boundaries if the improvements are developed exempt from applicable county ordinances, charter provisions, and rules regarding development. [L 2006, c 157, pt of §1]