[166-2] Definitions. For the purpose of this chapter:

"Agricultural activities" means the care and production of livestock, livestock products, poultry, or poultry products, or apiary, horticultural, or floricultural products, or the planting, cultivating, and harvesting of crops or trees, including tree farms.

"Agricultural park" means any agricultural or aquacultural complex so designated by the board, for which state land or state funds are used, in order to meet the goals and objectives stated in section 166-1. Agricultural buildings, farm residences, and employee dwellings necessary to the production and distribution of agricultural and aquacultural commodities may be considered part of the agricultural park.

"Aquacultural activities" means the farming or ranching of any plant or animal species in a controlled salt, brackish, or freshwater environment; provided that such farm or ranch is on or directly adjacent to land.

"Board" means the board of agriculture.

"Department" means the department of agriculture. [L 1986, c 222, pt of 1]


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