Part I.  General Provisions


    163D-1 Findings and purpose

    163D-2 Definitions

    163D-3 Agribusiness development corporation; board of

           directors; established

    163D-4 Powers; generally

    163D-5 Hawaii agribusiness plan

    163D-6 Subsidiaries; establishment

    163D-7 Agricultural projects; agricultural development


    163D-8 Project facility program

  163D-8.5 Repealed

    163D-9 Bonds

   163D-10 Revenue bonds; payment and security

   163D-11 Revenue bonds; interest rate, price, and sale

   163D-12 Revenue bonds; investment of proceeds, and


   163D-13 Revenue bonds; special funds

   163D-14 Trustee; designation, duties

   163D-15 Trust indenture

 163D-15.5 Waiahole water system revolving fund

 163D-15.6 Commitment and preservation of agricultural leases

   163D-16 Use of public lands; acquisition of state lands

   163D-17 Hawaii agricultural development revolving fund;

           established; use of corporation funds

   163D-18 Exemption from taxation

   163D-19 Annual report


        Part II. Acquisition of Important Agricultural Lands

   163D-31 Acquisitions of important agricultural lands

           authorized by the legislature

   163D-32 Acquisitions; payment

   163D-33 Installment purchase agreements; interest payment