Part I.  General Provisions


    161-1 Short title

    161-2 Findings and declaration of necessity

    161-3 Definitions


        Part II.  Administration, Powers and Duties

    161-6 Division of animal industry

    161-7 General powers

    161-8 Information, investigations, hearings


        Part III.  Licensing

   161-11 Certificate of sanitation

   161-12 License required

   161-13 Application for a license

   161-14 License fees

   161-15 Granting, suspending, and revoking licenses

   161-16 Records of licensees


        Part IV.  Inspection, Labeling, Sanitation, and


   161-21 Ante-mortem inspection

   161-22 Post-mortem inspection; reinspection

   161-23 Labeling, marking, and branding

   161-24 Sanitation

   161-25 Slaughter, processing, transportation, and selling

   161-26 Forgery of mark, brand, or label

   161-27 Inspectors

   161-28 Bribery

   161-29 Exemptions

   161-30 Storing, handling, and transporting


        Part V.  Poultry Processors and Related Industries

   161-36 Records; subject to examination

   161-37 Articles not intended for human food

   161-38 Dead, dying, disabled, or diseased poultry

   161-39 Registration


        Part VI.  Inspection Service, Withdrawal, and


   161-41 Inspection; compensation

   161-42 Refusal and withdrawal of inspection


        Part VII.  Violations, Penalties, Prosecution, Compacts,


   161-46 Interstate and federal compacts

   161-47 Penalties; prosecution

   161-48 Construction

   161-49 Enforcement

   161-50 Citation and summons

   161-51 Administration of oath

   161-52 Failure to obey summons


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