Part I. General Provisions


157-1 Definitions


Part II. Administration, Powers and Duties

157-11, 12 Repealed

157-13 General powers

157-14 Inspection and investigation

157-15 Audit of books and accounts

157-16 Repealed

157-17 Accounting of licensees

157-18 Report to governor


Part III. Licensing

157-21 Licensing

157-22 Application for license and payment of fee

157-23 License fees

157-24 Granting, suspending, and revoking licenses

157-25 Proceedings to review

157-26 Records of licensees

157-27 Reports of licensees

157-28 Repealed

157-29 Milk control special fund


Part IV. Establishment of a Milk Shed and the Setting

of Minimum Prices and Quotas

157-30 Petition to establish or terminate a milk shed

157-31 Petition to establish, revise, or terminate minimum

prices, salvage values, and quotas

157-32 Standards to determine minimum prices

157-33 Order fixing minimum price, salvage value

157-34 Determination of quotas

157-34.5 Milk shortage

157-35 Compensatory payment


Part V. Remedies, Violations, Compacts, Construction

157-41 Remedies; penalties

157-42 Interstate and federal compacts

157-43 Construction


Cross References


Sale of "island fresh" milk, see 486-120.


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