Part I.  Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Honey,

                 and Coffee


    147-1 Definitions

    147-2 Duties of department; violations; proceedings;


    147-3 Repealed

    147-4 Rules

    147-5 Prohibition of deceptive packing

    147-6 Repealed

    147-7 Inspection and classification of agricultural

          commodities; fees

  147-7.5 Repealed

    147-8 Appeal for classification; fee

    147-9 Certificate as evidence

   147-10 Income from certification and agriculture control



        Part II.  Exports:  Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Coffee,

                  and Honey

   147-21 Definitions

   147-22 Rules

   147-23 Prohibited acts

   147-24 Inspection

   147-25 Duties of department; violations; proceedings;



        Part III.  Exports:  Flowers and Foliage

   147-31 Definitions

   147-32 Rules and regulations

   147-33 Prohibited acts

   147-34 Inspection; certification fees

  147-35, 36 Repealed

   147-37 Duties of department; violations; proceedings;



        Part IV.  Processed Food

   147-51 Definitions

   147-52 Grades, standards and classifications; changes

   147-53 Department; grades, standards and classifications;


   147-54 Department, consideration of use

   147-55 Department, notice of hearing

   147-56 Department, hearing, determination

   147-57 Department, rules and regulations, contracts,

          cooperation, fees

   147-58 Department; inspections, etc.; request necessary

   147-59 Continuous factory inspection; request necessary;

          labels or marks

   147-60 Certificate, appeal to department

   147-61 Certificate, prima facie evidence

   147-62 Misrepresentation as to grade, etc., penalties

   147-63 Remedies, extension of other powers

   147-64 Deposit of moneys


        Part V.  Chicken Eggs

   147-71 Words and phrases defined

   147-72 Sale of bad eggs

   147-73 Enforcement

   147-74 Grading standards and regulations

   147-75 Notice of grade and size; designation of

          origin of imported eggs; violation

   147-76 Advertisement of eggs and price

   147-77 Signs and labels on cartons, crates, etc.

   147-78 Seller's invoice

   147-79 Penalties

   147-80 Administrative penalties

   147-81 Remedies and penalties not exclusive


        Part VI.  Beef, Pork, and Poultry Carcasses

   147-91 Standard grades; rules and regulations

   147-92 Federal standards

   147-93 Cooperating with federal authority

   147-94 Grading voluntary

   147-95 Regulation of advertising

   147-96 Public hearings

   147-97 Disposition of fees


        Part VII.  Certification Services Revolving Fund

  147-101 Certification services revolving fund

  147-102 Certification and audit services


       Part VIII.  Agricultural Safety and Security

  147-111 Definitions

  147-112 Cooperative agreements and contracts to provide

          auditing and certification services

  147-113 Audits and certification; requests necessary

  147-114 Fees and deposit of moneys

  147-115 Certificate as evidence

  147-116 Hawaii good agricultural practices program


         Part IX.  Seed Certification

  147-121 Official certifying agency

  147-122 Definitions

  147-123 Cooperative agreements and contracts to provide

          agricultural crop certification services

  147-124 Certification; requests necessary

  147-125 Rules

  147-126 Fees and deposit of moneys

  147-127 Certificate as evidence