§146-22  Reports.  Every person who slaughters a calf, heifer, cow, steer, or bull, whether wild or domesticated, at any place other than a duly licensed slaughterhouse shall comply with section 146-21 and, in addition thereto, shall forthwith report such slaughtering to the officer in charge of recording brands.  Such report shall include a description of the animal slaughtered, including its sex and a full description of each and every brand on the animal, the date and place of slaughter, and the name of the person from whom, and date when, the animal was acquired.  If any of the described brands on the animal appear to be obliterated, as described in section 142-47, or to be felonious, as described in section 142-48, the person shall make a report of the obliterated or felonious brand to the appropriate law enforcement agency pursuant to rules adopted by the department of agriculture. [L 1953, c 244, §2; RL 1955, §290-2; HRS §146-22; gen ch 1985; am L 1986, c 163, §2]