142-28.5 Animal quarantine special fund. There is established the animal quarantine special fund to be administered by the board of agriculture. Moneys received by the board of agriculture from:

(1) Fees for the quarantine of cats, dogs, and other carnivores pursuant to this chapter;

(2) Moneys received for the use of animal quarantine property or facilities pursuant to section 142-3.5; or

(3) State appropriations or other moneys made available,

shall be deposited into the special fund. All interest earned or accrued on moneys deposited in the special fund shall become part of the special fund. Moneys in the special fund shall be expended to cover all costs of quarantine but not limited to the costs of salaries, fringe benefits, operating expenses, including the defraying of quarantine fees, equipment, motor vehicles, contract with any qualified person or entity for animal care services, operation and maintenance of the quarantine station, and promotional expenses. A reserve shall be appropriated and maintained in the special fund to cover contingency costs, including but not limited to accrued vacation leave, unemployment insurance, and workers' compensation. [L 1998, c 210, 1; am L 2000, c 278, 2; am L 2005, c 161, 3; am L 2011, c 185, 3]



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