Part I.  Animal Diseases and Quarantine


    142-1 Information and statistics

    142-2 Rules

    142-3 Department, duties

  142-3.5 Authority to contract or rent facilities

  142‑3.6 Animal industry special fund

    142-4 Entry of animals without inspection prohibited

  142-4.5 Health certificate

    142-5 Landing of animals

  142-5.5 Service animals

    142-6 Quarantine

    142-7 Breeding in quarantine prohibited

    142-8 Notification of arrival

    142-9 Quarantine between islands

   142-10 Importing prohibited, when

   142-11 Forfeiture of animals, etc.

   142-12 Penalties

   142-13 Reporting disease; penalty

   142-14 Sale of diseased animals; penalty

   142-15 Repealed

   142-16 Dairy and breeding cattle; tuberculin tests

   142-17 Branding of tuberculous cattle

   142-18 Disposal of tuberculous animals

   142-19 Indemnification for tuberculous animals

   142-20 Premises from which tuberculous cattle removed to be


   142-21 Cooperation with federal authorities

   142-22 Anaplasmosis; indemnity for slaughtered cattle

   142-23 Brucellosis testing; indemnity for slaughtered cattle

 142-23.1 Hog cholera eradication; indemnity

 142-23.5 Garbage feeding prohibited; penalty

   142-24 to 28 Repealed

 142-28.5 Animal quarantine special fund

   142-29 Enforcement; citation and summons

   142-30 Form of citation and summons

   142-31 Administration of oath


        Part II.  Brands

   142-41 Brands to be recorded, etc.

   142-42 Expiration of registration, reregistration

   142-43 Right to a brand determined by department

   142-44 Owners of unbranded animals

   142-45 Using other's brand prohibited; penalty

   142-46 Using unregistered brand prohibited; penalty

   142-47 Obliterating brand; penalty

   142-48 Felonious branding; penalty

   142-49 Livestock ownership and movement certification


        Part III.  Fences and Trespasses by Animals

   142-61 Lawful fence; penalty

   142-62 Breaking, etc., of fence; penalty

   142-63 Trespass on fenced cultivated land

   142-64 On unfenced cultivated land

   142-65 On uncultivated land

   142-66 On public roads, lands

   142-67 Repealed

   142-68 Fine for continued trespassing by animals

   142-69 Stallions

   142-70 Expenses, driving, etc.

   142-71 Procedure to recover animals; owner notified before


   142-72 Procedure, if owner believes impounding illegal

   142-73 Jurisdiction; appeal

   142-74 Liability of dog owner; penalty

   142-75 Human bitten by dog; duty of dog owners; action against



        Part IV.  Miscellaneous Provisions

   142-91 Destruction of animals ferae naturae

   142-92 Mongoose; keeping or breeding; penalty

   142-93 Harboring mongoose; penalty

 142-93.5 Mongoose; killing allowed

   142-94 Destruction of unconfined rabbits and Belgian hares

   142-95 Rabbits, Belgian hares, to be kept off ground; penalty

   142-96 Frightening animals; penalty

   142-97 Wild cattle through street; penalty

   142-98 Fees

   142-99 Lost or rescued animals; penalty

  142-100 Beekeepers, registration; apiary program


        Part V.  Pigeons

  142-101 Definitions

  142-102 Pigeon permits

  142-103 Exercise, training, and racing


        Part VI.  Aviary Game Birds

  142-111 Definitions

  142-112 Aviary game bird permits


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