[§141-14]  Industrial hemp special fund; established.  (a)  There is created in the state treasury a special fund to be designated as the industrial hemp special fund to be administered by the department of agriculture.  Moneys deposited in this special fund shall be used to fulfill the purposes of this part and shall include:

     (1)  Any moneys appropriated by the legislature to the special fund;

     (2)  Any fees collected by the department of agriculture in relation to the industrial hemp pilot program; and

     (3)  The interest or return on investments earned from moneys in the special fund.

     (b)  The department of agriculture may use the moneys in the special fund to carry out the purposes of this part, including hiring employees, specialists, and consultants necessary to complete projects related to the purposes of this part. [L 2018, c 59, §2]


Revision Note


  This section was renumbered from §141-41 pursuant to §23G-15.