[141-11] Hawaii farm to school program; farm to school coordinator. (a) There is established within the department of agriculture a Hawaii farm to school program. The purpose of the farm to school program shall be to:

(1) Improve student health;

(2) Develop an educated agricultural workforce;

(3) Enrich the local food system through the support and increase of local food procurement for the State's public schools and other institutions;

(4) Accelerate garden and farm-based education for the State's public school students; and

(5) Expand the relationships between public schools and agricultural communities.

(b) The Hawaii farm to school program shall be headed by a farm to school coordinator who shall work in collaboration with the appropriate stakeholders to address the issues of supply, demand, procurement, and consumption of Hawaii-grown foods in state facilities, primarily education facilities, and take reasonable steps to incorporate more agriculture and nutrition education in schools. [L 2015, c 218, 2]




Composting grant pilot project working group; annual report to legislature. L 2018, c 207, 2.



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