§141-3.6  Entry of private property to control or eradicate any pests.  (a)  The department of agriculture or applicable county shall give at least five days notice to the landowner and the occupier of any private property of its intention to enter the property for the control or eradication of a pest.  Written notice sent to the landowner's last known address by certified mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested, shall be deemed sufficient notice.  If certified mail is impractical because the department or county, despite diligent efforts, cannot determine land ownership or because of urgent need to initiate control or eradication measures, notice given once in a daily or weekly publication of general circulation, in the county where any action or proposed action will be taken, or notice made as otherwise provided by law, shall be deemed sufficient notice.  The notice shall set forth all pertinent information on the pest control program and the procedures and methods to be used for control or eradication.

     (b)  After notice as required by subsection (a), any member of the department, employee of the county, or any agent authorized by the department or county may enter at reasonable times any private property other than dwelling places to maintain a pest control or eradication program, being liable only for damage caused by acts beyond the scope of the person's authority, or the person's negligence, gross negligence, or intentional misconduct.  If entry is refused, the department member, county employee, or any authorized agent may apply to the district court in the circuit in which the property is located for a warrant to enter on the premises to effectuate the purposes of this chapter.  The district court may issue a warrant directing a police officer of the circuit to assist the department member, county employee, or any authorized agent in gaining entry onto the premises during regular working hours or at other reasonable times. [L 1989, c 267, pt of §1; am L 1992, c 72, §2; am L 1993, c 56, §1; am L 1997, c 62, §1; am L 2017, c 182, §2]


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  Entry of private property for enforcement, see §150A-11.5.



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