[141-2.7] Aquaculture development special fund. (a) There is established in the state treasury the aquaculture development special fund into which shall be deposited:

(1) Appropriations from the legislature;

(2) Moneys collected as fees for special microbiological and histological procedures and expert aquaculture-related services;

(3) Moneys collected from the sale of any item related to aquaculture development that is purchased from the department;

(4) Moneys directed to the aquaculture development program from any other sources, including but not limited to grants, gifts, and awards; and

(5) Moneys derived from interest, dividend, or other income from the above sources.

(b) Moneys in the aquaculture development special fund shall be used to:

(1) Implement the aquatic disease management programs and activities of the department, including provision of state funds to match federal grants; and

(2) Support research and development programs and activities relating to the expansion of the state aquaculture industry. Research and development programs and activities funded under this paragraph may be conducted by department personnel or through contracts with the University of Hawaii or other qualified persons. [L 2000, c 193, pt of 1]


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