141 Department of Agriculture

142 Animals, Brands, and Fences

143 Animals: Licenses and Regulations

144 Feed

145 Regulation of Farm Produce

145D Donation of Food

146 Slaughtering Operations and Slaughterhouses

147 Grades and Standards

148 Advertising and Marketing

148D Aquaculture Advisory Council--Repealed

149 Economic Poisons--Repealed

149A Hawaii Pesticides Law

150 Seeds

150A Plant and Non-Domestic Animal Quarantine and

Microorganism Import

151 Weed Control--Repealed

152 Noxious Weed Control

153 Agricultural Products Program--Repealed

154 Fruit and Nut Orchards--Repealed

155 Agricultural and Water Infrastructure Loans

155D Livestock Revitalization Program

156 Farm Advisory Board--Repealed

157 Milk Control Act

159 Hawaii Meat Inspection Act

161 Poultry Inspection

163 Marketing Orders and Agreements--Repealed

163D Agribusiness Development Corporation

164 Agriculture Coordinating Committee--Repealed

165 Hawaii Right to Farm Act

166 Agricultural Parks

166E Non-Agricultural Park Lands

167 Irrigation Water Development

168 Irrigation and Water Utilization Projects

169 Private Agricultural Parks





Part I. General Provisions


141-1 Duties in general

141-2 Rules

141-2.5 Aquaculture program

141-2.6 Fees for aquaculture services

141-2.7 Aquaculture development special fund

141-3 Designation of pests; control or eradication of

pests; emergency power

141-3.5 Control or eradication programs

141-3.6 Entry of private property to control or eradicate

any pests

141-4 Weights of coffee; rules

141-5 Charges for inspection, etc.

141-6 Appeal from inspector's decision

141-7 General penalty

141-8 Crop damage; civil liability

141-9 Energy feedstock program

141-10 Agricultural development and food security special

fund; establishment

141-11 Hawaii farm to school program; farm to school


141-12 Agricultural food safety certification program

141-12.5 Grant program; food safety certification costs

141-13 Hawaii healthy food incentive program; rules

141-14 Industrial hemp special fund; established


Part II. Industrial Hemp Pilot Program--Repealed

141-31 to 40 Repealed

141-41 Renumbered


Part III. Commercial Hemp Production

141-42 Commercial hemp production

141-43 Rulemaking authority




Compost reimbursement pilot program; report to 2022 legislature (repealed December 31, 2021). L 2018, c 89, 2.

Food safety certification training program to provide direct implementation assistance to small and medium sized farms. L 2019, c 104, 2.

Importation and release of the Aedes aegypti mosquito with Wolbachia bacteria; report to 2020 legislature. L 2019, c 106.

Pesticide subsidy program for coffee growers; report to 2021 legislature (repealed June 30, 2021). L 2014, c 105, 3; L 2015, c 152, 1; L 2017, c 65, 3.

Strategic plan that identifies benchmarks for increased food production in Hawaii and increased exports of food crops and value-added agricultural products from Hawaii; report to 2020 legislature. L 2019, c 151, 2.

Swine farm survey for porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome. L 2000, c 207.

Two-year agricultural theft and vandalism pilot project; reports to 2020-2021 legislature. L 2019, c 217, 2.


Cross References


Agricultural and aquacultural building permit exemptions, see 46-88.

Hawaii agriculture workforce advisory board, see 371-19.


Case Notes


Discussed: 842 F.3d 688 (2016).


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