132D-1 Title

   132D-2 Definitions

   132D-3 Permissible uses of consumer fireworks

   132D-4 Permissible uses of display fireworks, articles

          pyrotechnic, and aerial devices

   132D-5 General prohibitions

   132D-6 Exceptions

   132D-7 License or permit required

   132D-8 Application for license

 132D-8.5 Importation of aerial devices, display fireworks,

          or articles pyrotechnic for display

 132D-8.6 Requirements of licensee

   132D-9 Application for permit

  132D-10 Permits

  132D-11 Fee

  132D-12 Sale to minors; sale by minors; prohibited

  132D-13 Liability of parents or guardians

  132D-14 Penalty

132D-14.5 Liability of homeowner, renter, or person otherwise

          responsible for real property

  132D-15 Notice requirements

  132D-16 Permit for display

132D-16.5 Labeling of display fireworks

132D-16.6 Display site inspection

132D-16.7 Display stop order

  132D-17 Repealed

132D-17.5 County ordinances

  132D-18 Effect on other laws

  132D-19 Repealed

  132D-20 Enforcement; probable cause for arrest

  132D-21 Health care facilities; report of fireworks and

          articles pyrotechnic incidents


Cross References


  Aerial luminaries, see §132-19.


Case Notes


  Honolulu city ordinance prohibiting the importation of consumer fireworks into Honolulu was an ordinance that was "more stringent in the control or prohibition of fireworks" enacted within the city's power granted under this chapter.  796 F. Supp. 2d 1261 (2011).

  Discussed:  87 H. 71, 951 P.2d 934.