§132C-4  Certification; marking; administration.  (a)  Each manufacturer shall submit to the state fire council written certification attesting that each cigarette has been tested in accordance with, and has met the performance standard required under section 132C-3.  The description of each cigarette listed in the certification shall include:

     (1)  The brand or trade name on the package;

     (2)  Style, such as light or ultra light;

     (3)  Length in millimeters;

     (4)  Circumference in millimeters;

     (5)  Flavor, such as menthol, if applicable;

     (6)  Filter or nonfilter;

     (7)  Package description, such as a soft pack or box;

     (8)  The mark approved pursuant to subsection (b);

     (9)  The name, address, and telephone number of the laboratory, if different than the manufacturer that conducted the test; and

    (10)  The date that the testing occurred.

     Each cigarette certified under this subsection shall be recertified every three years.  For each cigarette listed in a certification, a manufacturer shall pay to the state fire council a $375 fee to be deposited into the reduced ignition propensity cigarette program special fund under section 132C‑9.  The state fire council is authorized to annually adjust this fee to ensure it defrays the actual costs of the administration and staffing requirements and processing, testing, enforcement, inspection, and oversight activities required by this chapter.

     The certifications shall be made available to the attorney general for purposes consistent with this chapter.

     (b)  Cigarettes that have been certified pursuant to subsection (a) shall be marked pursuant to the following requirements:

     (1)  The marking shall be in a font of at least eight-point type and shall include one of the following:

          (A)  Modification of the product's universal product code to include a visible mark printed at or around the area of the universal product code.  The mark may consist of one or more alphanumeric or symbolic characters permanently stamped, engraved, embossed, or printed in conjunction with the universal product code;

          (B)  Any visible combination of alphanumeric or symbolic characters permanently printed, stamped, engraved, or embossed on the cigarette package or the cellophane wrap; and

          (C)  Printed, stamped, engraved, or embossed text that indicates that the cigarettes meet the standards of this section; and

     (2)  Prior to the certification of any cigarette, a manufacturer shall request approval of a proposed marking from the state fire council.  Upon receipt of the request, the state fire council shall approve or disapprove the marking offered, except that the state fire council shall approve:

          (A)  Any marking approved and in use for the sale of cigarettes in the state of New York; or

          (B)  The letters "FSC", which signifies fire standards compliant, appearing in eight-point type or larger and permanently printed, stamped, engraved, or embossed on the package at or near the universal product code.

A marking shall be deemed approved if the state fire council fails to act within ten business days of receiving a request for approval.  A manufacturer shall not use a modified marking unless the modification has been approved in accordance with this chapter.  A manufacturer shall use only one marking and shall apply this marking uniformly for all packages, including packs, cartons, and cases, and brands marketed by that manufacturer.

     (c)  The state fire council shall be notified as to the marking that is selected.

     (d)  A manufacturer shall provide a copy of certifications to all wholesalers to which the manufacturer sells cigarettes and shall provide sufficient copies of an illustration of the packaging marking approved and used by the manufacturer pursuant to subsection (b) for each of the dealers that purchases cigarettes from any of those wholesalers.  Wholesalers shall provide a copy of the illustration to all dealers to which they sell cigarettes.  Wholesalers and dealers shall permit the state fire council and the attorney general to inspect markings on cigarette packaging at any time. [L 2008, c 218, pt of §1; am L 2011, c 189, §3]