132C-1 Purpose

     132C-2 Definitions

     132C-3 Cigarettes; reduced ignition propensity;

            manufacturer testing

     132C-4 Certification; marking; administration

     132C-5 State fire council; rules; implementation

     132C-6 Penalties; enforcement; attorney general

     132C-7 Exemption

     132C-8 Existing inventories; consumer testing

     132C-9 Reduced ignition propensity cigarette program

            special fund




    This chapter shall be repealed if a federal reduced cigarette ignition propensity standard preempts this chapter.  L 2008, c 218, §3, pt of §6.  Act 218, §§4, 6 provide:

    "SECTION 4.  Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the counties may neither enact nor enforce any ordinance or other local law or regulation conflicting with, or preempted by, any provision of this Act [enacting chapter 132C and amending section 132-16] or with any policy of this State expressed by this Act, whether that policy be expressed by inclusion of a provision in this Act or by exclusion of that subject from this Act.


    SECTION 6.  This Act shall take effect on September 30, 2009, and shall be implemented to coincide with the excise tax incremental increase on cigarettes effective September 30, 2009, pursuant to section 245-3, Hawaii Revised Statutes; provided that section 4 shall take effect upon approval of this Act [July 7, 2008]; provided further that section [132C-5(1)], Hawaii Revised Statutes, shall take effect upon approval of this Act [July 7, 2008]."


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