132-1 County fire chiefs; powers and duties

132-2 General power to make rules

132-3 Adoption of state fire code

132-4 Investigation of fires; criminal prosecutions

132-4.5 Investigation of fires; immunity for information

received from insurers

132-5 Right of entry for inspection; unlawful to obstruct

132-6 Duties of county fire chiefs; periodic inspections;

orders to remove fire hazards; appeals

132-7 Duty of owner to remove fire hazard; expense; lien

132-8 Duties of owners generally

132-8.5 Automatic elevators

132-9 Submission of building plans for approval

132-10 Witnesses; fees

132-11 Recorded order of county fire chiefs as evidence

132-12 Court aid

132-13 Penalty

132-14 Educational powers of county fire chiefs

132-15 Powers of director of labor and industrial relations

132-16 State fire council; composition; functions

132-17 Novelty lighters; prohibited; penalties

132-18 Administrative staffing for the state fire council

132-19 Aerial luminaries; prohibited




Chapter heading amended by L 1978, c 241, 2(20).


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