130-1 Emergency seat of state government. Whenever, due to an emergency resulting from the effects of enemy attack, or the anticipated effects of a threatened enemy attack, it becomes imprudent, inexpedient, or impossible to conduct the affairs of state government at the normal location of the seat thereof in Honolulu, city and county of Honolulu, the governor shall, as often as the exigencies of the situation require, by proclamation, declare an emergency temporary location, or locations, for the seat of government at such place, or places, within or without the State as the governor may deem advisable under the circumstances, and shall take such action and issue such orders as may be necessary for an orderly transition of the affairs of state government to the emergency temporary location, or locations. The emergency temporary location, or locations, shall remain as the seat of government until the legislature shall by law establish a new location, or locations, or until the emergency is declared to be ended by the governor and the seat of government is returned to its normal location. [L 1959, c 16, 1; Supp, 359A-1; HRS 130-1; gen ch 1985]


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