[§128E-13]  Relationship to other laws.  (a)  This chapter shall be read in conjunction with the federal statutes and regulations providing for the identification, labeling, and reporting of information concerning hazardous material releases, and any other health and safety provisions relating to hazardous materials, and is intended to supplement federal statutes and regulations in the interest of protecting the health and safety of the citizens of the State.

     (b)  Nothing in this chapter shall affect or modify in any way the obligations or liabilities of any person under other laws of the State.

     (c)  This chapter shall preempt any ordinances passed or adopted by any county that are effective on, before, or after June 21, 1993, to the extent that these ordinances conflict or are inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter. [L 1993, c 300, pt of §1]


Revision Note


  "June 21, 1993" substituted for "the effective date of this chapter".